Lynn Brant

  Mrs. Brant’s in in her 27th year directing drama and teaching at ZHS, which has included over 50 plays. She teaches Introductory Drama, Drama 2, American Film, Public Speaking, and English composition and literature courses, including poetry and dramatic literature.  She is the head advisor for the the Company, director and producer.


Victoria Lodahl 

 Ms. Lodahl is a recent graduate of Central Washington University and is the ZSD choral music instructor.  She is in her 3rd year of teaching, directing the high school honor choir, chorus, as well as the ZMS choir and teaching general music at ZIS.  She is our music director for the spring musical again this year!



Theresa Bell 

 Mrs. Theresa Bell is a  graduate of Washington State University and is a science instructor at Wapato High School.  A long time volunteer for ZCSTC, she is currently serving as our technical director for both plays this year!


Assisted by...among many others....

Debra Geffe:

Mrs. Geffe is our costume, and a long time parent volunteer!  She began helping with costuming in 1997 when her daughter, Katie, was in The Wizard of Oz, and she hasn't given up on us yet!  A master seamstress, Mrs. Geffe has made hundreds of costumes for ZCSTC plays, including the highly elaborate Beauty and the Beast.  Several years ago, the efforts of Mrs. Geffe, Theresa Bell and Linda Hiemstra were honored with a 5th Avenue Theater award for Best Costuming of all the shows adjudicated across the state of Washington!


The Drama Mamas and Papas!

ZCSTC is blessed to have a highly supportive and enthusiastic group of parent supporter, who we call our drama mamas and papas.  They help with set construction, costume making, ticket sales, ad sales, poster delivery and are our lobby volunteers during the production.  If you are interested in helping out, contact director Lynn Brant.  In addition, we often have the help of alumni of ZCSTC helping us as choreographers and backstage organizers!