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Here is our cast for the fall play!

Seventeen cast members will play an actor in a 1940's radio station live performance of It's a Wonderful Life. They will play many characters as they reenact this classic story. The first name listed is their "actor name" and that is followed by their characters in the radio program. This same group will also accomplish whatever tech, advertising and other jobs that need doing. We practice online and then plan to film our performance so you can see it in December! Z Center Stage is BACK IN ACTION!

Tim Grigg Freddie Filmore pg37 Mr. Potter Bert the cop (Cop) Mr. Gower Man at the B&L  
Noah Harveaux Jake Laurents George Young George Commercial Singer    
Caleb Werteberger Willy Kurtz Harry Bailey Young Harry Nick the bartender Ernie the Cab driver Pete Bailey (Son)
Henry Olsen Harry Heywood Clarence Dr. Campbell Sam Wainwright Commercial Singer  
Matt Marquez Phillip Arnold Uncle Billy Bridgekeeper Mr. Martini Binky the Bouncer Sheriff
Tanner Morford Dayton Parker Foley Artist Peter Bailey (Dad) Mr. Welch Crowd noise  
Macey Emery Sally Applewhite Mary Young Mary      
Brooke Mason Lana Sherwood Violet Bank Board Member Crowd at Martini's    
Lauren Harveaux Marjory Johansen Rose Bailey Stage Manager Ed at B&L Commercial Singer Man in Martini's
Dinah Holsinger Helen Harlowe ZuZu Bailey Announcer pg 9-13 & 59 Sledding boy Crowd at Seedy Martini’s  
Bre Hutchinson Mavis Thomas Janie Bailey Old Man Collins Run on B&L crowd Crowd at Seedy Martini’s  
Sophie Udell Hope Merriwether Joseph(ine) Bank board member Crowd at Seedy Martini’s    
Tiana Lafollette Hazel Jenkins Matilda the secretary Young Violet Bank Board member Crowd at Martini’s  
Audrey Harveaux Judy Lester Sadie Vance Mrs. Mary Hatch Crowd at Martini’s Sledding boy Commercial singer
Payton Sims Bobbi Bogart Foley Artist Charlie Schultz Crowd Noise  
Celia Lyon Fern Cosgrove Mrs. Thompson Hortense the Bank Teller Tommy Bailey Crowd at Martini’s Sledding Boy
Ashtyn Church Trixie Devine Ruth Dakin Bailey Commercial Singer Assistant Foley    


Here is a trailer from another company to show you what the radio show format will look like!








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