"Be Our Guest", Beauty and the Beast, spring 2019 "Gaston", Beauty and the Beast, spring 2019 The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Fall 2018 The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Fall 2018

Monday, March 2nd     7 p.m.    ZHS Auditorium!


The Music Theater Singing    AND    Drama 2 Tech and Administration  classes

proudly present this fun filled evening of musical theater scenes!

Almost 40 students involved!





Valley Theatre Arts Festival!

In its 3rd year! 

Friday, April 3, 8:30-5:00

Zillah drama students are invited to attend this fun day of interacting with other theatre students in the valley.  We have gone before, and it was a blast!

April 3rd is the Friday during Conferences, right after senior project presentations are over (phew!), and doesn't interfere with the week of spring break for us this year!

Only $30.00 for a t shirt, lunch and a really fun day full of activities, & sessions on acting, tech, choreo and more!

Mrs. Brant will have the forms and begin collecting $ soon (see her if $ is and issue, but desire isn't!)



Gotta get your Footloose fix?   

Tickets on sale in March!     

This is going to be BIG!   Get ready!     

Crew List:

Construction Team:                                 Props Team                           Costumes Team

  • Steven Brant                              Diego Palacios                    Payton Sims
  • Xavier Hill                                   Asha Clevenger                   Breana Hutchinson
  • Tanner Morford                          Alexis Robillard                    Dinah Holsinger
  • Xavier Smith                               Drann Emery                       Emma Stewart
  • Marco Guzman                           Lily Simmons                      Olivia Maude
  • Caleb Wertenberger
  • Cody Balch
  • Jalyn Nash
  • Kalena Mamizuka
  • Nick Heyworth

Cast List:

Name Character 1 Char 2 Char 3 Char 4
Kyle Fergus Ren      
Mason Bower Willard, Chicago Teen,    
Cameron Wertenberger Lyle, Boy 3 (Chicago Teen), Cowboy  
Noah Harveaux Shaw      
Sam Olsen Chuck      
Matt Marquez Coach Dunbar, Bomont Adult, Cowboy  
Randall Jake Jim The Cop, Bomont Adult, Cowboy  
Henry Olsen Travis, Bickle, Cowboy Bob, Chicago Teen
Samuel Jensen Garvin, Boy 1 (Chicago & Bomont), Cowboy, Uncle Wes
Kiri Schoonover Ariel      
Carolina Garcia Principal Clark, Chicago Teen, Cowgirl, Bomont Adult
Naomi Fender Rusty, Chicago Teen,    
Ashtyn Church Urleen, Chicago Teen,    
Hailey Rogers Bomont Teen, Chicago Teen, Lead Cowgirl  
Macey Emery Eleanor Dunbar, Chicago Teen, Cowgirl  
Brantley Bryan Wendy Jo, Chicago Teen,     
Elyse Dunn Bomont Teen, Chicago Teen, Cowgirl  
Shelby Sander Bomont Adult, Church Choir, Cowgirl  
Sophie Udell Vi Moore,      
Brooke Mason Bomont Adult, Church Choir, Cowgirl  
Kaylani Shah Bomont Teen, Chicago Teen, Cowgirl  
Sami Marquez Aunt Lulu, Church Choir, Cowgirl  
Audrey Harveaux Bomont Teen, Chicago Teen, Cowgirl  
Lauren Harveaux Ethel McCormack,   Cowgirl  
Celia Lyon Betty Blast, Chicago Teen, Bomont Adult  




Questions:  email Lynn Brant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Upcoming Productions!

Footloose the Musical

 May 1, 2, 7, 8 ,9, 2020




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