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We're Gonna be T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C!   

ZCSTC will produce the classic "Charlotte's Web" for our winter play! 

Show online March 26-28 and April 2-4!

 Here are the Cast and Crew!



(listed below are their primary parts--though many are doubling other smaller roles)

Breana Hutchinson...The Goose

Celia Lyon...The Gander

Tiana LaFollette...The Sheep

Shelby Sander...The Lamb

Payton Sims...Templeton the Rat

Brooke Mason...Charlotte the Spider

Audrey Harveaux...Wilbur the Pig

Caleb Wertenberger...John Arable and Tech Crew

Lauren Harveaux...Martha Arable

Drake Martin...Avery Arable

Dinah Holsinger...Fern Arable

Timothy Grigg...Homer Zuckerman

Macey Emery...Edith Zuckerman

Matt Marquez...Lurvy the Hired Man

Drann Emery...Tech Crew and Other Parts

Parker Underwood...Tech Crew and Other Parts

Asha Clevenger...Tech Crew (Props and Painting)

Olivia Maude...Tech Crew and Other Parts

Congrats to the cast of "Its A Wonderful Life--A Live Radio Play"!






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