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Our Tech Crew!  The Christmas Carol, FALL 2019


Xavier Hill Construction
Steven Brant Construction
Mason Bower Construction
Caleb Wertenberger Construction and Costumes
Asha Clevenger Props
Drann Emery Props and Construction
Ryan Hill Construction and Painting
Madison Emch Construct/Decoration
Xavier Smith Construction
Addison Bower Props and Decoration
Payton Sims Costumes
Breana Hutchinson Costumes
Celia Lyon Props

The Cast of A Christmas Carol!

Cameron Wertenberger -Fred, Young Man Scrooge, pg 52 TBD, Businessman 1                                                 

Kyle Fergus- Bob Cratchit, Helmsman Tom, pg 52 TBD

Matthew Marquez- 1st Charity Gent, Richard Wilkins, Errand Boy, Miner, pg 52 TBD, Businessman 3    

Randall Jake - 2nd Charity Gent, Mr. Fezziwig, A thief, Lighthouse Keep, pg 52 TBD, Indebted Husband           

Noah Harveaux - Ebenezer Scrooge

Timothy Grigg - Ghost of Jacob Marley,Young Marley, Peter Cratchit, Topper, pg 52 TBD, Businessman 2, The Boy                                                                                                   

Macey Emery - Christmas Past, pg 52 TBD, Mrs. Dilber/Charwoman/Hag 

Alan Garcia - Caroler, Schoolmaster/Teacher, Rival Boyfriend, Big Businessman, Christmas Present, Joe

Shelby Sander - Londoner, Party Goer, Past Montage Voice 1, Belinda Cratchit, pg 52                

Audrey Harveaux- Londoner, School Boy Scrooge, Party Goer?, Indebted (Wo)man, Tiny Tim, Want

Brooke Mason - Londoner, Fezziwig’s Daughter/Richard's Girlfriend, Elderly person, Pretty sis, pg 52 TBD,  Ghost                                                                                                               

Sophie Udell- Caroler, Party Goer, Mrs. Cratchit, pg 52 TBD, Wealthy (wo)man 1                       

Brantley Bryan - Caroler, Belle, Elderly person, Miner's child, pg 52 TBD,  Mrs. Filcher/Laundress    

Ashtyn Church - Caroler, Party goer, Past Montage Voice 3 , Fred's Wife, pg 52 TBD, Ghost              

Carolina Garcia - Caroler, Mrs. Fezziwig, Past Montage Voice 4, Miner's wife, pg 52 TBD, Caroline        

Elyse Dunn - Londoner, Party goer,   Collector for the Poor, Plain sis, pg 52 TBD, Christmas Future      

Lauren Harveaux - Londoner, Party goer, Charity Person, Martha Cratchit, pg 52 TBD, The Undertaker

Natalie Malzahn - Londoner, Party goer, Past Montage Voice 5, Errand Boy, Sailor Sam, Ignorance, Depraved Londoner, Ghost     

Dinah Holsinger - Londoner, Fan, Party Goer (?), Past Montage Voice 6, A shopper with parcel, pg 52 TBD,     Depraved Londoner, Ghost 

Sarah Solis - Londoner, Party goer, Past Montage Voice 2, Lighthouse keep, pg 52 TBD, Wealthy (wo)man 2, Ghost                                                                                                  



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