FOR HELP WITH the spring musical!

May 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20 at 7 p.m. and matinee at 2:00* p.m. on 5/20

See what jobs are available and volunteer to be part of our great parent team!  

In return, you can see the show for free that performance!  

Helpful things you can do!

  • Provide water and/or snacks on a DRESS REHEARSAL DATE: May 8-11 after school
  • Provide water and/or snacks for backstage before a show (see dates above)
  • Help with the Ice Cream Social on May 20 after the matinee
  • Help feed the cast and crew after the matinee on May 20
  • Help decorate and set up the lobby before the shows start
  • Help host/supply food for the cast party after the evening show on May 20 (50 participants...)

Jobs on the performances dates:  Be there at 6 p.m. for evening shows

  • Need one or more parents to be responsible for decorating the lobby with items provided.   This can be done ahead of time and also will involve some last minute work. Also will need  to be taken down at end of performance run.
  • Need one “GREETER” per show to stand at front door and greet people. Separate the people into the right lines — “will call tickets” and “purchase tickets at the door”. This will help make the lines move faster and also keep down the number of folks crowding into the lobby.
  • Need one “TICKET TAKER” per show to stand just inside the auditorium and take tickets for ALL people coming in the door. Simply tear the stub off and direct them to an usher, who will then seat them and provide a program. Requires making sure that people don’t crowd past you.
  • Need two or three “USHERS” per show to stand in various places in the auditorium. Help patrons find their numbered seats in the right row, help elders if needed, answer questions if needed. This should streamline getting folks seated and ready for the show to start on time.
  • Need two “CONCESSIONS SELLERS” per show to set up and sell water. Involves keeping track of inventory and money box resolution at end of night.
  • Need one “WILL-CALL TICKETS” person per show to sit at table in lobby and look up alphabetically filed envelopes containing tickets that were pre-ordered. Give the tickets to the patron and deal with any questions which arise. Direct them to the door to the ticket taker.
  • Need two “SELL TICKETS AT DOOR” people to sit at table in lobby and sell tickets to folks who come to purchase tickets that night. This involves pre-learning the computer ticketing system!!! It also will involve money handling and resolution.

We will train you and provide everything needed to do your job – just bring your enthusiasm!

Parent Volunteer Response Form

Name ____________________________________________________ cell______________________

Email ____________________________________________________  ON Facebook? _____

I will work the following shows:  (all require coming at 6:10 p.m. except as noted)

_____Friday, May 12                         ____Thursday, May 18           _____Saturday MATINEE (be there 12:30pm)

_____Saturday, May 13                     ____Friday, May 19               _____Saturday, May 20 evening

_____I am interested in the following job(s): ___________________________________

_____Or put me where you need me

____I can supply water  OR Snack during one of the dress rehearsals for the kids.  May 8   9  10  11 after school

____I am willing to help set up and service ice cream at the Meet and Greet after the matinee at approx.. 3 pm.

____I am willing to help feed the cast and crew dinner on May 20th between shows in the ZHS commons.

____We would like to host the cast party on May 20, 9:30-midnight.

____I can help decorate the lobby all country style before May 12th.