Thursday, April 12:

3-4: Lodahl: Full Cast music (GET A FULL CAST AND CREW PICTURE BEFORE—for program)

4-5: Brant: NBC p. 82-88 blocking

4-5: Lodahl: Orphans, Hannigan music and line work, everyone else help with tech


Friday, April 13:

2:55: Get dressed in first costume—we are running FULL COSTUMES AND PROPS TODAY.

3:00: Begin run through with tech in running crew positions hopefully.

5:15: notes

5:30: end rehearsal


Saturday, April 14:

9 am-: Work day—painting and finish work


Monday, April 16:

3-4: Brittany: “Never Fully Dressed” with orphans (p. 88) (commons?)

3-4: Lodahl: Warbucks, Annie and Grace music practice (and lines—they have a chunk end act 1

and Act 2)

3-4: Brant: Block p. 90-94 (Lily, Rooster, Hannigan)



Tuesday, April 17:

3-3:15: Lodahl: Music: “You Won’t Be An Orphan for Long” (staff, Grace, Warbucks, Annie)

3:15—5:00: Brittany: Choreo “You Won’t Be an Orphan for Long” (inc Brianna)

Then: run “I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here” for reps

3:15: Lodahl:


Wednesday, April 18:

3-5: Brittany/Brant: “I Don’t Need Anything But You” (page Choreography (Grace, Warbucks, Annie, Warbucks Staff inc. Brianna)

--Blocking: Scene 5 (p. 110-114) to set up song

--Adjustments to order of song



Thursday, April 19:

3-5: Blocking: Act 2, scenes 5-6 (p. 119-138): Need Brandeis, Mudges, Annie, WB, Grace, Roosevelt, Howe, Hannigan, Orphans

3-4: Tim, Ethan, Alan, Kyle, Crystal to practice NBC scene with Lodahl. Savannah and Elyse help paint temporarily.

Run entire section with choreo at least once before end


Friday, April 20 (no Kiri)

Act 2 Run through with tech and costumes. (someone needs to cover Kiri)


Monday, April 23

Run Act 1 with costumes, and full tech—work on set changes and check costumes for missing pieces.


Tuesday, April 24

Run Act 2 with costumes and full tech—work on set changes and check costumes for missing pieces.


Wednesday, April 25 (conferences/Academic Awards night in PAC tonight)

Small group rehearsals TBD

Warbucks, Grace, Annie, Drake

Boylan Sisters



Thursday, April 26

Run Act 1 with full costume and tech


Friday, April 27

Run Act 2 with full costume and tech


Monday, April 30: DRESS REHEARSAL! 2:50 TO 6:30 P.M. Bring snack and water. Make arrangements to be here the entire time. Full run through.

Tuesday, May 1: DRESS REHEARSAL. Same as Monday

Wednesday, May 2: LAST DRESS REHEARSAL. Same as Monday.

Thursday, May 3: FIRST PERFORMANCE! Be here at 5 sharp for make up and dress. Tech wear black. 7 p.m. show.

Friday, May 4: Performance #2. 5:00 p.m. call for actors and tech. 7 pm show

Saturday, May 5: Performance #3 (MATINEE ONLY!!) Be on stage at 11:30 getting ready…show at 1 p.m. COME FED.

No evening performance on May 5. Please inform those you know that might come.

Monday, May 7

Tuesday, May 8

Wednesday, May 9

Thursday, May 10: Performance #4. Be here at 5 sharp for make up and dress. 7 p.m. show.

Friday, May 11: Performance #5: Be here at 5. 7 p.m. show. ***important!

Saturday, May 12: Closing Night: Be here at 5:15. 7 p.m. show. ***

Bring bag for personal belongings.

Cast and crew party follows show. NEED LOCATION FOR THIS! Ends at midnight. Cast/crew expected.

Monday, May 14: FULL CAST AND CREW (and parents if can help)


Wednesday, May 23 7 p.m. FINE ARTS AWARDS NIGHT. You will be recognized at this event as you are a cast member of the spring show. Those that participated all year are eligible for the FINE ARTS LETTER in drama as well! Plan to come.