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FOR HELP WITH the spring musical!

More information provided during each production

See what jobs are available and volunteer to be part of our great parent team!  

In return, you can see the show for free that performance!  

Helpful things you can do!

  • Provide water and/or snacks on a DRESS REHEARSAL DATE:  after school
  • Provide water and/or snacks for backstage before a show (see dates above)
  • Help decorate and set up the lobby before the shows start
  • Help host/supply food for the cast party after the closing evening show  

Jobs on the performances dates:  Be there at 6 p.m. for evening shows

  • Need one or more parents to be responsible for decorating the lobby with items provided.   This can be done ahead of time and also will involve some last minute work. Also will need  to be taken down at end of performance run.
  • Need one “GREETER” per show to stand at front door and greet people. Separate the people into the right lines — “will call tickets” and “purchase tickets at the door”. This will help make the lines move faster and also keep down the number of folks crowding into the lobby.
  • Need one “TICKET TAKER” per show to stand just inside the auditorium and take tickets for ALL people coming in the door. Simply tear the stub off and direct them to an usher, who will then seat them and provide a program. Requires making sure that people don’t crowd past you.
  • Need two or three “USHERS” per show to stand in various places in the auditorium. Help patrons find their numbered seats in the right row, help elders if needed, answer questions if needed. This should streamline getting folks seated and ready for the show to start on time.
  • Need two “CONCESSIONS SELLERS” per show to set up and sell water. Involves keeping track of inventory and money box resolution at end of night.
  • Need one “WILL-CALL TICKETS” person per show to sit at table in lobby and look up alphabetically filed envelopes containing tickets that were pre-ordered. Give the tickets to the patron and deal with any questions which arise. Direct them to the door to the ticket taker.
  • Need two “SELL TICKETS AT DOOR” people to sit at table in lobby and sell tickets to folks who come to purchase tickets that night. This involves pre-learning the computer ticketing system!!! It also will involve money handling and resolution.

We will train you and provide everything needed to do your job – just bring your enthusiasm!






  • Download and print audition form (SEE ATTACHMENTS BELOW!).  TURN IT IN BY FEB 10. WITH PARENT SIGNATURE.
  • FEB. 11:  singing audition.   Required singing pieces will be available soon.  
    • AUDITION PRACTICE:  DATE TBD.   There will be just one.
  • FEB 12:   monologue and choreography auditions.   Choose a strong character monologue of 45 seconds-2 minutes in length.  Memorize it.  Plan blocking for it.  Have a strong introduction written and memorized for it.   Aim for musical characters if you desire one of them.     
    • Monologues must be classroom appropriate, be solo, and include a brief introduction of your name, the title of the scene, the character you are playing and a short set up of events preceding the scene. (SEE MRS. BRANT IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT THIS)
    • Choreography: you will need good shoes for this on Feb 12.  Looking for ability to move, learn and listen.
  • FEB 13:  callbacks if needed.   May resing, or read from provided script. List of required auditionees will be posted on Mrs. Brant's door and on website.
  • AFTER  that:  directors will deliberate.  Results will be in the form of a letter, and that requires your response by the indicated deadline.  Once all of those responses are received, the cast list will be made public.


  • Download and print Technical Team form (SEE ATTACHMENTS BELOW!)   TURN IT IN BY FEB. 5 WITH PARENT SIGNATURE.
  • FEB. 5:   TECH INTERVIEWS.  PAC, 3-4 p.m.   REQUIRED.   Questions are on your application form.  Be prepared to answer show specific questions as well--watch the video so you know the show!
  • AFTER THAT:  Pre Production team assignment and schedule will be sent to you, and we begin!

Other notes:

Before you audition/apply, meet the following requirements:

  • BE ELIGIBLE. No one will be considered for a cast or crew position in this production if they are ineligible.  We will check the list prior to auditions.  This includes the SENIOR PROJECT.

                --You cannot be on a spring sport team. Practices and rehearsals conflict with one another.

                --In addition, you cannot miss rehearsal time due to work or other commitments (emergencies are not included).                                             

                --Make sure your schedule is clear.  We will need all of our time to prepare for this show. Be able to attend all three audition dates, as well as rehearsals every school day beginning                     on February 18.  The show opens on April 30.  Schedules are provided weekly.

  • BE PREPARED. know the show, know your monologue (bragging about how you put it off counts in this director's decision making BTW), and have your paperwork complete and signed.
  • Casting Decisions:

    1. The directors reserve the right to choose, based on their experience and expertise, the persons they deem the best fit for each role and position in the show.
    2. Their decisions are made with great care and with the best interest of the entire production and group in mind.
    3. For actors: Casting decisions are affected by the following qualities of your audition and behavior as a student:
      • Vocal ability, including range and projection strength, and character.
      • Dancing ability, including flexibility and ability to learn
      • Acting ability, including strong stage presence and characterization
      • Preparation for the audition shows that you want a role badly enough to put a lot of time into preparing for it.
      • Experience is taken into consideration because it often affects reliability and the ability to characterize, rehearse and learn quickly. Experience and age, by themselves, are not a guarantee of a certain sized part, or even a part at all.
      • Your reliability in the classroom is considered. If you aren’t cutting it in classes now, you don’t have time to be rehearsing after school.  We cannot afford to cast someone that isn’t responsible enough to maintain their own grades and eligibility requirements. 
      • Best fit with the roles offered.
      • Best match with other actors playing roles linked with a particular character (AKA: “chemistry”) (when applicable).
    1. For tech crew:  Positions are assigned based on the following qualities:Reliability: You need to be available every day you are called, ready to work
      • Eligibility: You need to do the job in the classroom—we can’t lose you in the end!
      • Teachability: You need to be safe and a learner in whatever jobs you are asked to do.  You need to get along with your crewmates and directors and remember to make progress every day for the good of the show.  If you want to mess around, don’t apply.
      • Experience is taken into account with some jobs, however, you can also be trained if you are willing and able.
      • Reminder: you will NOT be on running crew during the show if you do not meet the above criteria.

                  5. If you have any questions concerning how the directors will make their decisions, please contact one of the PRIOR to the auditions to clarify. Please share this information with                               your parent/guardian as well if they need it after reading the Parent Consent Form.


Footloose is the story of Ren McCormack, a teenage boy from Chicago. He and his mother move to the small town of Bomont after his father abandons them. Upon arriving, Ren finds himself at odds with most of the town, including the Reverend Bomont. The Reverend has convinced the town to outlaw dancing, which Ren finds unbelievable. With the help of the Ariel (the Reverend’s daughter) and Willard (a country hick who becomes his best friend), Ren convinces the Reverend to let the teenagers dance, and in the process helps the town to heal from a tragedy that affected them all.    More detailed plot summary:  Click here

Characters:    A good listing is found on STAGE AGENT:   CLICK HERE

Songs:      Listen to the musical!   Click HERE   

Listing of the Songs in both Acts:  Click HERE     

Videos: Clips from various places:  Click here

You Tube: Full Show from Monmouth


And another full version:



 Drama 2019-2020 (updated 1-21-20)


 Work days--TBD


2/5:  TECH INTERVIEWS.  3-4 pm PAC

2/11-12: 3:00-6:00: Spring Play Auditions

2/13: 3:00: Spring Play Call backs (if needed)

2/18: 3:00-5:00: Spring play rehearsals begin (PAC/band room)


Musical Theater/Drama 2 Broadway and Beyond evening: MONDAY,  MARCH 2, 7 P.M.

3:00-5:00 p.m.: Z Center Stage spring play rehearsals.  Locations will be in commons or band room as needed to accommodate use of PAC.



3:00-5:00:  Spring play rehearsals daily on stage

FRIDAY, APRIL 3:  VALTAF Theatre Festival--THIS IS THE FRIDAY WE HAVE OFF BEFORE THE WEEK OF SPRING BREAK!  8:30 AM-5:00 PM, Grandview MS.  More info to come!

4/27, 28, 29:  Spring play dress rehearsals



April 30, May 1, 2:  7:00 p.m.: Weekend One of spring play.  Matinee and evening show on May 2 (1:30 and 7 pm)  

May 7, 8, 9: 7 pm: Weekend Two of spring play.  (COMMUNITY DAYS)

5/11: 3:00-6:30 p.m.:  Set strike for spring production in PAC

May 19:  Capitol Theatre Valley Showcase  (Yakima, time TBD)

5/27: (Wednesday) 7:00 p.m. FINE ARTS AWARDS  in PAC




FYI:  Music Dates

November 19 – ZHS Music Concert

November 21  – ZMS Music Concert

November 22-25 – Western International Band Clinic (WIBC)(ZHS by audition only)

December 12 – 6th grade music concert

February 14-16 All Northwest Music Conference (High School by Audition)

February 20 – ZHS Music Concert

February 25 – ZMS Music Concert

TBA– High School Choir Contest @Ike

TBA – High Schools Band Contest @ Davis

March 13 – WSU band festival (High School)

TBA – Middle School Band Contest @ Ellensburg

TBA – Middle School Choir Contest @ West Valley

May 9 – Community Days Parade (ZMS Band)

May 21 – ZHS Concert

May 26 – 6th/MS Concert

Download this file (Audition Form Musical CURRENT.pdf)Audition form: Musical[(print and turn in before Feb. 10]484 kB
Download this file (Technical Position Application MUSICAL CURRENT.pdf)Technical Team form[(print and turn in before Feb 5 interview)]412 kB