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1.     Noah Harveaux


2.     Tim Leslie

Peter Pevensie

3.     Kyle Fergus

Edmund Pevensie

4.     Ally Andersen

Lucy Pevensie

5.     Calla Isaac

Susan Pevensie

6.     Alan Garcia

Mr. Beaver (Narnian)

7.     Kira Doonan

Mrs. Beaver (Narnian)

8.     Matthew Marquez

Mr. Tumnus/2nd Elf

9.     Cameron Wertenberger

Fenris Ulf (Captain of Queen’s Guard) and werewolf

10.Levi Bollinger

The Centaur (Narnian)

11.Sophie Udell

The Unicorn (Narnian)

12.Aineka Carlson

Jadis, The White Witch

13.Brantley Bryan

The White Stag, 2nd Animal (Narnian), Statue

14.Angelica Barajas

The Evil Dwarf

15.Mia Hunter

5th Animal (Narnian), Statue

16.Angela Gregory

Santa’s Sarcastic Elf, 1st Evil Army Member

17.Breanna Hutchinson

2nd Evil Army Member, Reindeer, Statue

18.Tyler Hutt

Father Christmas, tech

19.Mattie Barajas

Wolf 1 (Evil Army)

20.Trevor Emery

Wolf 2 (Evil Army)

21.Lauren Harveaux

3rd Animal (Narnian), Reindeer, Statue

22.Brooke Mason

4th and 6th Animal (Narnian), Mouse Puppeteer, Statue

23.Elyse Dunn

1st Animal (Narnian), Mouse Puppeteer, Statue


Xavier Hill

Steven Brant

Timothy Grigg

Ryan Hill

Mason Bower

Tyler Hutt

Construction Team:

Macey Emery

Maggie Isley

Audrey Harveaux (apprentice)

Asha Clevenger

Props Team:

Payton Sims

Kaylee Toop

Cydni Anderson

Costumes Team:



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